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The Office of Parent & Family Programs is here to connect you with the resources you need to support your student while she is at Wellesley. Our office also serves to foster a vibrant, engaged community of parents and families. We encourage you to explore this website or contact our office directly for useful information about the College and to discover ways to engage with the community. We are invested in your student's success and in enhancing your and your student's Wellesley experience—making it as valuable, healthy, and fulfilling as possible!


2020年1月27日 ...春季学期课程开始

2020年2月17日 ...总统日,没有课程

3月23日至27日2020年 ... 春假

2020年4月20日 ...爱国者的日/马拉松星期一,没有班级

2020年5月6日 ......春季学期课程

5月7-10日,2020 ...阅读期

5月11-15日2020年 ......考试

联系: Office of Parent & Family Programs | 父母@威士利.edu | 800.358.3543